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Calisthenics Certifications aims to build platforms, create accredited training and certified courses and enable others to do what they love for a living. With a trusted teams of friends, colleagues and community we can make big things happen better and faster than ever before.


Level 1 & 2

Our Certifications

Level 1 – Foundations

Learn the basic principles of Calisthenics to improve your awareness of perfect form and technique to safely perform a range of Calisthenics exercises.

Level 2 – Fundamentals

Learn more advanced princples of Calisthenics, how to safely modify exercises for progression and regression and develop a Calisthenics program for your clients.

Level 3 – Master

Become a fully autonomous coach and role model in the Calisthenics community. Plan, Deliver, Monitor and Evaluate coaching sessions.


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“Make something bigger than yourself, not yourself big.”

Stephen Hughes-Landers

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Calisthenics Certifications Blog

Up the level!

As we are constantly educating ourselves and learning more, we are creating more content whilst creating level 3 and 4 this year. First up is new content for our level 1 students past, present and future. The basic principles we cover are: ✅ Full body tension ✅ Lever...


We have been busier than usual and our team has grown once again. We will fill you in on what our master trainers have been doing and what they're planning to continue to build the sport we love. In the mean time, we wanted to share this. Just look at how powerful it...

Practice doesn’t make perfect…

Calisthenics coach Stephen Hughes Landers tells the FITNESS-SHOW why he thinks bodyweight training has become a top trend and why the idiom ‘practice makes perfect’ is rubbish. FITNESS SHOW: What seems to surprise clients most of all? Stephen Hughes Landers: There are...